Dosing Charts

Dosing Charts

Here you will find the dosage tables for Flat Fix Tyre Sealant

Flat Fix Premium, XXL and ATV

Construction, Industry, Agriculture, Riding mower, ATV and Trucks

Dosage table

Flat Fix Truck

Truck, Bus, Light Truck, Mobile home, Terrain Vehicles

Dosage table

Calculate correct quantity of Flat Fix*

How to calculate correct quantity of Flat Fix.

  • Height (H): External tyre height in cm.
  • Width (W): Tread width in cm.
  • H x W x 0.001 = Number of liters per tyre.

*) This calculation is only valid for Flat Fix Premium and Flat Fix XXL.

What is the procedure to fill Flat Fix into the tyre?

Fill - Pump - Drive

  1. Put the tyre so that the valve is positioned in the side position at 4 or 8 o'clock.
  2. Remove valve needle.
  3. Pump Flat Fix into tyre according to the dosage chart.
  4. Put the valve needle back.
  5. Pump air into the tyre.
  6. Roll the wheel or run right away.
  7. You can also pour Flat Fix into the tyre at the same time you change tyres on the vehicle.