Flat Fix Bike - Made By Sweden

Flat Fix Bike - Tyre Sealant


Flat Fix Bike is a tyre sealant designed for bicycles. Flat Fix Bike seals damages in tubeless tyres up to 4 mm and smaller damage to hose tyres. Flat Fix Bike is ideal for tubeless UST solutions. Flat Fix Bike works with both Shr├Ąder valve and with removable Presta valve.

The most important component in a tyre sealant is the fibres, which also is the answer to why we use Kevlar fiber in our tyre sealant. Kevlar fibers is five times stronger than steel.

Advantages of Flat Fix Bike

  • Seales hole up to 4 mm in tubeless tyres
  • Sealas smaller holes in tyres with tubes
  • Advantageously used as a preventive measure to avoid punctures
  • Can be used to mend a puncture which already arose in the tyre
  • Seals leakage at the rime side
  • Seals about 95% of all holes on tubeless tires (up to 4mm)
  • Is an active tyre sealant liquid that remains floating during the entire life of the tyre
  • Seals the damage in the tyre when it occurs, immediately and permanently


  • Up to 18" <50 ml
  • 20" BMX <80 ml
  • 22-24" Junior MTB <80 ml
  • 26" MTB <100 ml
  • 700C <80-100 ml
  • 29" MTB <120 ml