Flat Fix MX - Made By Sweden

Flat Fix MX - Tyre Sealant

With Kevlar fibers for strong permanent repairs

Flat Fix MX

Flat Fix MX is a Tyre Sealant developed for Off-Road Racing, Enduro and Motocross. Flat Fix MX seals damages up to 9 mm in tubeless tyres and damages up to 3 mm in tubes.

The most important thing in a tyre repair product is the fibers which is the answer to why we use Kevlar fibers in our Tyre Sealant. Kevlar fiber is five times stronger than steel.

Advantages of Flat Fix MX

  • Seals hole up to 9 mm in tubeless tyres
  • Seal smaller holes in tyres with hose
  • Advanteously used in preventive measure to avoid punctures
  • Can be used to mend a puncture which already arose in the tyre
  • Seal rim leakage
  • Seals about 95% of all holes on tubeless tyres (up to 9 mm)
  • Is an active tyre sealant that remains liquid during the entire life of the tyre
  • Seals damage in the tyre when it occurs, immediately and permanently


  • For all normal motocross and enduro bikes useĀ 250 ml in front and 350 ml at rear
  • Do not use Flat Fix MX on chrome wheels that are fragile and can react with the fluid