Flat Fix Super Milk - Made By Sweden



FLAT FIX Super Milk - tyre sealant

Flat Fix Super Milk is a latex based fluid to seal the leak, which almost always occurs between the wheel and tyre. Flat Fix Super Milk is probably the easiest puncture protection you will find. Can often be 6-12 months before you need to refill.

Our unique advanced latex compound prevents the tyre to rot and prevents wheel damage. Contains anti corrosion agents that protect the wheels and rims. Flat Fix Super Milk is completely harmless and can easily be washed off with water.

Flat Fix Super Milk works on "tubeless ready" and tubeless UST solutions, with Schr├Ąder valve and with removable Presta valve. If you have not removable Presta valve you can pour Flat Fix Super Milk directly into the tyre and then mount the tyre on the rim.

For "tubeless ready" mounted on a standard rim, always use rubber rim strip with Flat Fix Super Milk. Shake the tyre/wheel from side to side firmly so that the liquid is forced into every little pore and small, small gaps that exist between the rim and the tyre and into the porous tyre sides of "tubeless ready".

Advantages with Flat Fix Super Milk

  • NEW Tyre Sealant for "Tubeless Ready"
  • Seal holes up to 3 mm in tubeless tyres
  • For tubular sports tyres
  • Lightest product on the market
  • Has a longer durability than other latex based products on the market
  • Advantageously used as a preventive measure to avoid punctures
  • Can be used to mend a puncture which already arose in the tyre
  • Seal all the smallest holes and gaps between the tyre and rim
  • Seals about 95% of all holes on tubeless tyres (up to 3 mm)
  • Seales the damage in the tyre when it occurs, immediately and permanently


  • Road Racing <30 ml
  • 26 "MTB and 650B <60 ml
  • 700C, e-bikes and motocross <50-60 ml
  • 29 "MTB <80 ml

For tyres with hose, use Flat Fix Bike instead.