Flat Fix Truck - Made By Sweden

Flat Fix Truck - Tyre Sealant

With Kevlar fibers for strong permanent repairs

Flat Fix Truck

Flat Fix Truck is a tyre sealant designed for trucks, light trucks, mobile homes and buses. Flat Fix Truck seal damages in tubeless tires up to 9 mm and small damage also in tires with hose.

The most important component of a tyre sealant is the fibres, which also is the answer to why we use Kevlar fibres in our tyre sealant. Kevlar fibres is five times stronger than steel.

Advantages of Flat Fix Truck

  • Developed for trucks and buses
  • Prevent and seal punctures
  • Seal holes up to 9 mm, in the tyre
  • Extend the life of the tyre by reducing the heat in the tyre
  • Contains Kevlar fibres for strong, permanent repairs
  • Contains five different types of synthetic fibres
  • Harmless to the environment, animals and humans
  • Freeze protected to minus 35 degrees C