Flat Fix Tyre Sealant -Made By Sweden

Punctured tyres cost big money

Save Money, Drive with Flat Fix Tyre Sealant

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant works on all types of vehicles from wheelbarrows to large construction machines.

Punctures cost daily a lot of money for the owner. It can be broken glass, nails, rebar, thorns and other objects that cause punctures. The total cost of a flat tyre is much higher than you often think about. We know that it costs a lot and an easy way to save money is to drive like a professional, with Flat Fix Tyre Sealant in the tyres.

Flat Fix Products

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant - 7 different products

One size does not fit all - it also applies to Tyre Sealant

As manufacturer of Tyre Sealant we know that it is impossible to develop one product that works on everything from big dumper tyres to tyres with tube.

We do not have trust in "fantastic" universal products which work on every type of tyre. Flat Fix Tyre Sealant comes in many different varieties, developed to suit different types of vehicles and machinery with various damage on tyres.

Choose the product that suits you best

No more puncture - drive with Flat Fix

  • Flat Fix Premium repairs holes up to 22 mm (vehicles with speed less than 70 km/h)
  • Flat Fix XXL repairs holes up to 30 mm (vehicles with speed less than 70 km/h)
  • Flat Fix Truck repairs holes up to 9 mm (vehicles with speed over 70 km/h)
  • Flat Fix ATV repairs holes up to 9 mm
  • Flat Fix MX repairs holes up to 9 mm (Enduro and Motocross).
  • Flat Fix Bike
  • Flat Fix Super Milk

Tired of punctures?

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant repairs a puncture immediately when it occurs. The result is a strong permanent repair without loss of pressure. Flat Fix XXL seals damages up to an amazing 30 mm, this capacity is unique. Flat Fix Tyre Sealant is a simple and the best economical solution for most downtime problems caused by punctures.

Flat Fix Premium also repair damages up to 5 mm i tube tyres.

How does Flat Fix Tyre Sealant works?

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant seals the tyre from the inside, making it puncture free. Flat Fix is a liquid fluid which being pumped or poured into the tyre and repair hole after hole during the entire life of the tyre. The most important thing in a tyre repair product is the fibers; this is why we use Kevlar fibers for strong permanent repairs.

Flat Fix XXL is probably the best tyre sealant at the market and can prevent punctures up to 30 mm, in the tread on the tyre.

Increase your company's profit

- use Flat Fix in your tyres

By protecting your tyres with Flat Fix Tyre Sealant, you will save money both in short and long terms. You will avoid air leaks, rim leaks and punctures for all future. Flat Fix Tyre Sealant cools the tyres which increase the life of the tyre. The cost you have on Flat Fix Tyre Sealant, to protect your tyres, you will get back by far, on the first puncture.

Several good reasons to choose

Flat Fix Tyre Sealant

  • Prevent holes and seals more than 25 punctures per tyre
  • Repair holes up to 30 mm in the tyre
  • Reduce your tyre repair costs
  • Reduce expensive downtime costs
  • Prevent damage in the structure of the tyre, caused by punctures
  • Extends the life of the tyre by reducing the heat in the tyre
  • Kevlar fibers for strong permanent repairs
  • Use Tyre Sealant instead of inside tube
  • Seal O-ring leaks and rim leaks
  • Balancing the tyres on heavy vehicles
  • Harmless for the environment, animals and humans
  • Protected against freezing to minus 35 degrees C