Flat Fix XXL - Made By Sweden

Flat Fix XXL - Tyre Sealant

With Kevlar fibers for strong permanent repairs

Flat Fix XXL

Flat Fix XXL is a Tyre Sealant developed for mining industries. Flat Fix XXL seals damages in tubeless tyres.

The most important thing in a tyre repair product is the fibers which is the answer to why we use Kevlar fibers in our Tyre Sealant. Kevlar fiber is five times stronger than steel.

Advantages of Flat Fix XXL

  • Developed for heavy mining industry
  • Prevents and repair punctures
  • Repair hole up to 30 mm, in the tyre
  • Reduce tyre repair costs
  • Reduce high downtime costs
  • Prevents damages in the structure of the tyre, caused by punctures
  • Extend the life of the tyre by reducing the heat in the tyre
  • Kevlar fibers for strong permanent repairs
  • Five different types of synthetic fibers
  • Rubber particles for extra strong repairs
  • Seal O-ring leaks and rim leaks
  • Safe for the environment, animals and humans
  • Freeze protected to -35 degrees C